Xiaomi releases, then pulls, Android 10 update for the Mi A3

Xiaomi Mi A3

Xiaomi has been having a rough couple of weeks. After the company apologized for significant delays in releasing the Android 10 update for its Mi A3, the company finally got around to rolling it out this week. However, soon after the release, the company had to pull the update due to a growing number of reports citing bugs and other issues with the release.

After the company’s brand lead in India, Sumit Sohal, apologized for the delay in rolling out Android 10 for the phone, which is part of the Android One program and supposed to get new Android releases much faster than other phones, he was met with severe backlash for the delays:

Others criticized the fact that Xiaomi’s other phones, such as the Redmi and Poco series, had already received the updates and pointed out that the phone should have been updated well before the coronavirus started causing massive shutdowns across China.

The company did finally release Android 10 for the phone yesterday, but the update soon had to be pulled (via 9to5Google) as Mi A3 owners started complaining of issues such as boot looping, app crashes, and problems with the fingerprint sensor, among other things.

In addition, PiunikaWeb reports that the company is now emailing users to confirm the rollout’s been stopped and is promising to resume it ‘soon,’ though a precise date was not given.

The poorly managed rollout is likely to infuriate further those who have already been complaining about the long delays in the rollout for what they expected would be one of the first phones to get Android 10 as part of the Android One program. Xiaomi — and Google — clearly need to do a better job in sticking to the expectations they’ve set for Android One phones.